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Men, clothes & sleep

Perfumers search for unique scents and experiences from the world and use the senses as a "pretext" to extract olfactory symbols, creating a distinctive fragrance experience. In 2023, SALIGIA takes on the role of a "Sensorist," combining the touch of materials and the modern home experience to awaken the senses of our day-to-day life, penetrate the brand's taste, and reflect on contemporary texture.
We initiated an exclusive project for Sensorist: Gentle Rest in the early spring. Performed by model Michael Yerger from California and steered by photographer Brent Chua, the campaign took place in New York. It focused on the men's bedroom scene with a calm and gentle tone. We reinforced the pure relationship between people, clothes, and the home environment through a minimal set, reflecting on contemporary city life and our understanding of men's sophistication.
Photographer: Brent Chua
Photography assistant: Noah Scott Boling
On-set stylist: Jungle Lin
On-set styling assistant: Mark
Grooming: Shimura Takanori
Art Direction: Neo Zhang
Executive Art: Martin Ma
Production: Alex Lecek
Production Site: New York