Responsible product manufacturing, quality, and comfort are the foundation of our designs. Our products solely consist of premium fabrics sourced from the world’s first-class suppliers – ensuring breathability, lightweight, elasticity, comfort, and softness. They maintain their performance even after prolonged and repeated washing and wearing.

Our vision extends beyond the aesthetics and performance of our products, we are committed to sustainability. This means that throughout the entire production process, we strive to be human, animal, and environmentally friendly, never compromising the environment in the pursuit of crafting goods.

We're not just merely paying lip service to this - the following four principles form the underlying logic for our fabric selection. They assist us in building a fabric profile so we can clearly identify the materials usded in various products. Furthermore, they allow us to identify and collaborate with fabric suppliers who share our common values and beliefs.

Under these four principles, we select key fabrics to explain, enabling you to make thoughtful choices while shopping.