Who is a good fit for the SALIGIA Affiliate Program?

· SALIGIA Affiliate Program is a commission-based collaboration.If you have over 10k followers on any social channels or operate other online medium like publications, blogs, or podcasts, and are willing to share SALIGIA links on them, then you are a suitable candidate.
· If you prefer a more casual sharing approach or currently have fewer than 10k social media followers, you may want to consider the Ambassador Program.
· You can only apply for either the Affiliate Program or the Ambassador Program, not both.

Your commission and perks

· SALIGIA is a rising brand, and we aim to expand our recognition. To this end, we extend a warm invitation to affiliate partners with incentives that exceed industry norms - 30% commission + $200 gift cards (gift card can be claimed every 2 months).
· Your incentives will scale up based on your monthly sales volume, with commissions rates up to 50% and gift cards up to $400.
· Starting from the second year, we will gradually adjust the commission rates in accordance with the latest affiliate terms until they align with industry averages.
· The specific commission rules will be detailed in the contract.

Benefits for your fans / audience

· Your fans/audience can enjoy a 20% discount.
· After your application is approved, we will send you your exclusive discount code via email.

How to join and start promoting?

· We conduct our affiliate partnership via Impact, a trusted third-party platform . Click HERE to apply. Your application will be reviewed within 3-5 business days.
· Upon successful approval, we will promptly send you your gift card code, exclusive shopping link, and discount code for your fans.
· You can share your exclusive link and discount code on any online media platform you operate. When someone places an order using your exclusive link or discount code, you will earn commission.
· Your exclusive link and discount code are valid indefinitely.

When will commissions be paid out?

· You can view all your sales, CTR, conversion rates, and commissions in the Impact dashboard. · Commissions will be automatically deposited into your account on a monthly basis.
Gift Card Rules
· You can apply for a gift card from us every 2 months.
· Different gift card codes can be stacked (if you haven't used up the balance of your previous gift card, you can accumulate it for use with your newly acquired gift card).
· We offer free shipping for you.
· Gift cards have a permanent validity.