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Responsible product manufacturing, quality, and comfort form the foundation of our product design. Our products are crafted from high-quality fabrics sourced from top global suppliers, ensuring quality and performance that remains unchanged even after prolonged and repeated washing and wearing. Our vision goes beyond the aesthetics and performance of our products; we are committed to sustainability. This means that throughout the entire production process, we strive to be humane, animal-friendly, and environmentally conscious, never compromising on the environment in the pursuit of manufacturing goods. The following four principles constitute the fundamental basis of our fabric selection. They assist us in creating a fabric overview to clearly identify the materials used in various products and enable us to find and collaborate with fabric suppliers who share our common values and beliefs. Under these four principles, we select key fabrics to explain, enabling you to make thoughtful choices while shopping.

Vegmade fabrics are crafted from natural plant materials, including beechwood, bamboo, eucalyptus, cotton, cottonseed fluff, corn, pineapple, and other plant stems and leaves. These raw materials undergo a special process to form pulp, which is then transformed into fabrics with an exceptionally soft touch, making them particularly suitable for intimate apparel. They can be combined to create a variety of styles and textures. However, the growth and manufacturing processes of these materials may generate some waste. In response to climate change, we are actively exploring new technologies and production methods, including water-saving techniques and regenerative organic farming to restore soil health.

2023:  17.2%

In 2023. While this year's percentage is lower, we remain committed to introducing more responsible fiber materials in our new collections.

Techmade is a category of our functional fabrics, designed to achieve exceptional physical performance. We extensively use it in the manufacturing of swimwear and fitness apparel or blend it with natural materials to meet higher standards of performance and comfort. However, our focus extends beyond product performance; we are also deeply committed to environmental responsibility. Therefore, we are dedicated to recyclable manufacturing to reduce resource waste and lower our environmental impact. We are proud to announce significant progress in our recyclable manufacturing.

2020: 3.7%
2021: 5.6%
2022: 6.3%
2023: 9.1%

These figures reflect our ongoing commitment to improvement in order to create more sustainable products and production processes.

When it comes to our Fairmade category, we emphasize animal fibers sourced through humane farming and collection practices. This includes precious animal fibers like wool, mohair, silk, and more. We strive to select materials that come from animals treated with care, ensuring their quality of life is maintained throughout the collection process. This approach not only helps guarantee high-quality fiber materials but also aligns with ethical and sustainable values.

This classification represents our commitment to environmental sustainability, but it also requires us to be more selective in our material choices. We are dedicated to seeking out fibers that are genuinely eco-friendly, even though their availability in the market is limited. Nonetheless, we make every effort to incorporate them into a select range of products.

These eco-friendly fibers sometimes appear in capsule form, typically used in limited product lines that are sold in specific countries or through restricted channels. These product lines are designed to cater to consumers with higher demands for environmental friendliness and sustainability, those willing to invest in luxurious eco-conscious choices. While the selection range is limited, we firmly believe that this is a step towards a more sustainable future and encourage consumers to support the development of eco-friendly fibers.